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Steven Osarczuk, of WaywardSun Audio Productions, provided the voice talent for the audio book production of Holy Terror.  HOME | steven osarczuk Voice over talent

The struggle of good versus evil – this battle has raged on for nearly all of humankind’s recorded history.  But now, the bad guys don’t stand a chance.  Raise your hand against your neighbor? It may be the last thing you ever do.  An unearthly force is on the rampage, and he has had enough of the hate and violence that humans bring to bear against one another. 


The police are reeling from the vicious vigilante who is raining down terror everywhere he goes, as they are drawn deeper into the mysteries of the spiritual realm.  Unbeknownst to them, two Miami police detectives in particular are about to be engrossed in a raging war that is far beyond their comprehension.  And a renegade angel will face opposition from all sides – from both the forces of good and the forces of evil.  Will he succeed in his quest, and on which side of good and evil will he ultimately land?