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Grisly crime scenes…

Baffled police detectives…

Someone…or something…is taking the law into his own hands…

Miami police detectives Lane Madigan and Ian Jelani are investigating yet another horrific crime in “The Magic City”.  Unbeknownst to them, they are not alone, as police around the country are investigating the same types of crimes being committed.  But the victims of these crimes are not your typical victims.  They are the worst of the worst; people who may have thought themselves to be untouchable, but they are dead wrong about that.

God and His heavenly host are facing off with Satan and his hellish host. Caught in the middle is Thumos, possibly the most powerful angel ever created. He is a warrior angel, “quickened” by God for one thing: battle. And he has seen plenty of that down through the centuries. No one can match his prowess; not even the Archangels. But Thumos has become a disgruntled warrior of God, and after standing by for long enough, he can take it no more.

The earthly world of these two Miami detectives will collide with the heavenly world of Thumos.  None of them know what is coming, and none of them will ever be the same again.

Will the detectives be able to survive, or will they be swallowed up by the evil closing in around them?  Will Thumos choose God’s side, or will he, like so many other angels before him, choose Satan’s side?  And who will become Thumos’s collateral damage as he struggles with his need for righteous vengeance coupled withhis own mental ?

Holy Terror- One Page Synopsis for Booksellers

The Miami police force is utterly baffled by the horrific crime scenes they are finding.  The victims are being executed in unimaginable ways, and unlike most crimes perpetrated against humanity, these victims do not fit the usual murder victim profile.  These victims are themselves criminals.In fact, some are very well-known criminals.  But this scenario is not unique to Miami.  Locales worldwide are seeing the same kind of maniacal homicides.

Who is responsible for carrying out these crimes, and how can they be stopped?

Two of Miami PD’s finest, Detectives Ian Jelani and Lane Madigan, are on the prowl, trying to solve these mysterious crimes.But they are being drawn into something far beyond their imaginations, something more than they have ever bargained for.  These men may think they have seen it all, but that is quite the understatement.  They are on a collision course with the most terrifying vigilante they have ever encountered.  When their families become embroiled, the gloves come off, no holds arebarred, and the rage of the vigilante spills onto them as well.

The forces of good and evil have waged war since long before Creation.  Angels of heaven and demons of hell have struggled to expand the borders of their kingdoms, and humankind has long been caught in the middle of that raging turf war.  Men and women have faced the choices of good and evil since the Garden of Eden, and everyone knows where that original choice landed the rest of us.  But humans are not the only ones tempted by the wares of evil.  God’s angels have stared those same choices in the face too.  Some have fallen away from God, while some have remained faithful to Him.  What of an angel caught betwixt good and evil, an angel who thinks he is serving his Master, but he is actually teetering on the edge of his own fall?  What if that angel was the greatest warrior angel of all time, and decided to take it upon himself to rid the Earth of evil people?  What might happen to those trying to exert their evil power and intentions upon their fellow humans if such an angel were to get hold of them?

In Holy Terror, Thumos, the greatest warrior of God’s angelic army, the fiercest of all heavenly soldiers, has had enough of what he perceives to be God’s deference. He decidesto take matters into his own hands. But the path he starts down is a path that other angels have traversed before. And many of them have ended up in the camp of the Evil One, the most destructive force the universe has ever known. Thumos comes face to face with Satan himself, and he have even more decisions to make.

Meanwhile, Detectives Jelani and Madigan face demons of their own, and they too, are going to be faced with tough decisions.  Their families’ lives are on the line, as well as their own.  They are in for the fight of their lives as they must come to terms with The Holy Terror and what it means for mankind.

John R. Dougherty Bio

John Dougherty has spent his professional career working in information technology by day and dabbling in a variety of other diversions by night, including a few decades of serving in lay ministry. While acting in this capacity he preached hundreds of sermons, taught countless Bible study classes, and wrote dozens of articles. This is Dougherty’s debut novel featuring detectives Jelani McCloud, Lane Madigan and the avenging angel, Thumos.

John enjoys golf, guitars, grandchildren, and all things Kansas City – the Chiefs, the Royals, Sporting KC, KC Symphony, and KC Broadway, to name a few.He thinks (if not for his long-lost metabolism of youth) he could eat the famous Kansas City barbecue every day…maybe not breakfast, but lunch and dinner for sure!

Now he is enjoying bringing to life his angelic hero, Thumos, and a host of other characters that he hopes you will find both entertaining as well as either inspiring or repulsive (after all, there are both good guys and bad guys in this story).  Happy biblical Easter Egg hunting while you read. 😉

Visit to sign up on his email distribution list to stay in touch with his past, present, and future writing projects…you might even find a few barbecue recommendations there for the next time you’re visiting Kansas City!