God Has No Grandchildren

I once heard someone say, “God has no grandchildren”. I think this statement was in reference to the concept of the “first generation” Christian, and how this particular group of Christians seems to have the most
enthusiasm. By the time second, third, fourth generations come along, some of the most basic principles and truths held dear by the 1st generation Christians, grow less and less significant to subsequent generations. Although I do not believe this to be an absolute idea, I do fear it to be often times true.

This kind of problem is not new or unique to Christianity. Even in everyday life, values and norms seem to constantly change. But Israel of old comes to mind as a people who had a problem with perpetuating God’s laws from one generation to the next. On more than one occasion were they punished for forgetting God => II Kings 17:13-18; Amos 6:6. God never intended to have any “grandchildren of Israel”, only “children of Israel”. His
relationship with generation after generation was that of father and child, not a relationship that grew more distant with the years: grandfather, great grandfather, etc.

The same principle applies to Christians. No matter how many generations of my ancestors have been Christians, God is still “Father” to me. I’m afraid many people are Christians for no more reason than “Mom and Dad were Christians, and their parents before them”. It’s no wonder that second and third generation Christians have become just that – generations apart from God, with no close relationship to Him. My relationship with God is not through my parents or grandparents, but through my own faith and obedience to Him. The relationship we should have with God should be extremely close. Notice Romans 8:15; Paul says “…by which we cry out ‘Abba Father!'”. “Abba” is a word denoting intimacy – we have the right to call God “Father” – a
tremendous privilege! We all need to strive for the zeal of a “first generation” Christian. To such a Christian, the Gospel is a precious treasure, never to be treated as anything less. His relationship with God is one of intimacy and of utmost priority. His attitude toward fellow man is one of concern: physical, but mostly spiritual, trying to share the “good news” with him. God has no grandchildren, only children – isn’t it time for us all to act as such?
Galatians 3:26-29.